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Signs of an impending disaster

Today, there were many similar characteristics with previous troughs. However, when we think of depression, there are 2 types. One of them is the American depression in 1929, while the other is that German after World War II. Now we analyze if the impending disaster that we will face is the American or German type and why is happening.

Now, first we’ll look at the backgrounds for the 2 types of depressions. For depression there, occurred because of deflation as the dollar back then was backed by gold and silver. Having received money, the amount of money in circulation was limited, as was to be proportionate to the amount of gold and silver reserves held in the crypt of the Treasury. For this reason, money back then were real money as the u.s. Government could not print too much of it legally, having the need to consider the amounts of reserves held. With this, the money supply remained relatively constant and when consumption fell (being the demand of money), deflation occurred naturally.

For German, depression occurred because of hyperinflation as the Reichsmark was printed back in droves to pay bills of war of Germany. The post-war increase in purchasing power severely diluted by money supply of Reichsmark to involve extremely high inflation as more money chasing the same amount of goods. This broke the bubble for Germany’s debt, unleashing the destructive forces of debt that broke its economy apart.

About 2 types of depressions mentioned, I think the next depression has similar features to that of the German model. Now, you’ll learn why the next disaster coming have similarity with German’s depression.

As many of you know, the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 has brought a revolutionary change in the history of finance. Dig deeper, Paul Warburg (one of the founders of the Federal Reserve) had a brother called Max Warburg that it was financial adviser to the German Kaiser. During that time, Warburg was thought to have an elastic money supply that could be modified to meet the needs of business. This thought has led to inflation, but has proven to be flawed as it led to depression, with Max Warburg who flee the Germany in 1938.

However, despite this, the Federal Reserve system has remained unchanged, plant the seeds for the new depression tomorrow. What is in the United States today will have inflationary effects similar to Germany then where income tax is used to pay interest to the Federal Reserve, who in turn buy more titles to print money (to collect more interest). With large purchases of U.S. securities, the money supply has increased drastically, leading to higher inflation. This is a scenario of taxing the poor to pay the rich and goes on for nearly a century.

To add, the implementation of such quantitative easing policy is basically similar to the German depression where the Government of the United States today simply prints debt to pay the debt. The result is a debt bubble that will burst at the end when the economy becomes overloaded. Be it for the German economy, stressed from debt to pay their bills, there will be hyperinflation and a new string of events that lie ahead.

To add, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt forced the Americans to hand over their gold for u.s. $ 20.22/oz in 1933. Subsequently, he jacked the price of gold at US $ 35/oz, cheat US Americans $ 15/oz. This was done to acclimatize audiences to the use of paper money as the single currency and the fact that we printed too much money without enough gold reserves to the world.

To date, this policy has worked out its magic, as most people are quite accustomed to the printed money. To make matters worse, with the invention of the credit card in 1951, money has become more digitized and now it’s easier to get into debt than before. With the ease of running into debt, banking debt has increased from 21% in 1980 to 116% of GDP in 2007 and this number still grows today. Fostering the growth of a bubble of debt of the United States calls on inflation to destroy the economy.

The great depression has ever end?

According to statistics, depressions occur roughly every 75 years. However, for me, the great depression hit in 1929 never finished. Let’s look at why this is the case.

Statistically, many believe that America recovered from the great depression in 1954 as the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit its previous high of 381. On the surface, this might be the case. However, Socialist solutions to this major recession are getting increasingly expensive, laying the ground for a worse economic downturn. Thus, the depression never ended as it had just swept under the rug.

Today, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cost US $ 65 trillion in total and this impressive amount is rising as baby boomers advance in age. With the u.s. economy in shambles, now, it is extremely difficult for the Government to cough out money. One way might be to issue US Treasury bonds sale where the Federal Reserve buys them to print the money needed.

How much money gets circulated in the economy will increase inflation and the dollar will become more and more useless. All other national currencies will suffer the same fate as countries must keep their exports competitive against America by devaluing their money. Signs of it are already showing now with a currency war between the yen and US dollar. With this, an inflationary depression will be distributed worldwide, infecting every economy and creating havoc the world hasn’t seen for a long time.

To add, as a way to protect their savings during the great depression, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was established to ensure savers ‘ deposits. While this protects savers, rewards even bankers who take more risks because they know that the Government will bail them out if it commits errors. A clear example is seen in the recent financial crisis, where the Government just handed billions to banks through the Troubled Asset Relief Program when the big banks were caught with problems.

In addition, this also covers banking fraud on how bankers can use loopholes in accounting to evade the law. With such decadence and going on deception, what I can say is that deposit insurance only give investors a false sense of security while encouraging bankers to take more risks. When the bankers undertake more risk, there will be an increased chance of gaffes to occur, making more frequent saves. This increases the debt and inflation, paving the way for an inflationary depression.

Furthermore, in order to secure the loans of its people, America created Freddie Mac and Fannie Mac, allowing politicians to control the body. Initially, this approach had advantages because it helped nip in the bud the depression targeting the homes. Housing was so important because many people have most of their money tied up in their homes, and helping to ensure the most important asset of the people would have prevented the great depression from worsening.

However, over time, the management of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mac began to take more risks, seen especially in case when their insured subprime mortgages. Today, because of their misjudgments, they will cost taxpayers billions.

Freddie Mac will be above all a big AIG bailout (costing US $ 180 billion). This is because unemployment will increase losses for Freddie Mac as it pays more to keep the homes they foreclose. As of March 2009, they took back more than 30,000 homes with each House at US $ 3,300 a month. Given such drastic scenarios, most rescues will be granted and this will push toward hyperinflation.

To add, as a way to increase the American sphere of influence, the Bretton Woods agreement was signed in 1944, the creation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank that spread the fiat monetary system throughout the world. The meaning of this song in 1971 when Nixon in the US dollar was severed from the gold standard. This is because during that time, the IMF and the World Bank forced other countries to adopt the fiat monetary system America or be thrown out, li disqualification for any benefit membership might bring.

Get the Best Company Formation Services

One of the best ways through which to get a reputable company that will offer you great returns is through forming a company in the UK. This is largely because you do not have to be a citizen or there in person to see through the process. This is thanks to the UK company formation services, which are easily availed to anyone who takes an interest in the industry. While there are several of these services, once you have decided this is the best alternative for you, you should weigh your options before signing up with any of these service providers.

For starters, you must ensure that they form legit and clean organizations. This means that they should have the capability of signing you up as the director and shareholders from the beginning instead of using agents. This is because it can prove to be a major setback when you need to open bank accounts or carry out anything that involves credit transactions such as opening a merchant account. Note that this is because anyone who does a search online will first find the first shareholders names and as such, will require that you deliver proof to show that you own the organization. In essence, this means that no directors or shareholders will appear in the registry apart from those selected by you.

Another factor that you need to consider when getting these services is their ability to offer trademark registration protection. Your trademark is an important aspect that should not be tampered with ” with. For this reason, they should be able to notify you whenever somebody is registering a trademark that could affect you in any way. This is because if this happens, you might not be allowed to use the name you have selected for your organization. The repercussions for this can be mean when you consider you have already invested money and time into the project.

There are instances when someone might register an organization that has a name that is similar to yours and this could be a major cause of worry. It is therefore important to select a service that is able to guard you against such incidences. They should be able to spot this before it occurs and have the right measures into place to ensure that complete formation of will not be possible. Notes that this is important since if it is formed by people who are malicious, they might taint your good name and credibility by using the same name as yours. To cap it all, they should be prepared to go to great lengths to ensure that you are always protected on all business fronts.

Companies of the United Kingdom are easy to form and run efficiently, and for this reason, should not shy away from considering this possibility. Also, be sure to select a training company that can offer professional services that are governed by a high level of respect. It should also have experienced staff to deliver services that are close to perfection.

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Common problems of credit card holders and how to address them

A credit card can be a very useful financial tool for business people and ordinary people. Can help a person in many ways, including adding more in the flow of money-that is, if it is used correctly. Once abused, that could lead to thousands of dollars of debt or more. It can take several years to pay off this debt, gives a life nerve-racking for a living.

The good news is that even if you are facing problems due to your card, there are ways that can make you miss your financial dilemma. Here are common issues that many card holders meeting with simple methods on how you can extricate yourself from these reasons:

Blown off-balance sheet items

Most cardholders are often too captivated by buying items and not having to pay them immediately. This encourages them to spend more than they can afford. Cards have a minimum required payment, you need to pay at the end of the month. As a result, many people choose to leave the rest of their budgets and pay them out of the next billing cycle.

Solution: Create a budget plan that you must strictly follow each month. If you’re too busy to calculate all your earnings and compare them against your expenses, simply become a responsible spender. Keep in mind that the “claims” are not “free money”.

Increase in debt

Missing payments, accrued interest rates, paying only the minimum cost and the like can lead to debt. APR or interest rates are probably the biggest reasons why people end up having your debit card. All issuers pay high rates of interest and if you do not pay the fee, debit card will soon be knocking on your door.

The solution: don’t believe in interest rates. Just pay your bills in full each month.


Credit cards can be stolen even as credit cards and cash. May be taken from your wallet or someone else might steal the card number. These could easily lead to identity theft. Criminals can use your name to open a new account and make purchases with the card.

The solution: once you find that your card was stolen or lost, report for the issuer immediately. This could prevent charging by any amount, in case the thief uses your card to make purchases. The creditor may also close your account for your protection.

Credit score damage

Credit scores are very important nowadays. You should look after at all times to keep an eye on the use of paper. A mistake could easily affect the rating that entails an increase in APR and sometimes terminating credit card account.

Solution: follow all instructions on how to become an expert card by paying on time and never go over your credit limit.

The key to solving a problem of credit card is to act immediately. Don’t ignore and let difficulties accumulate, thinking it will simply resolve themselves. Remember that as soon as you sign up for a card, you agree that you are responsible for all your actions involving plastics useful-and often complex.

An overview of Equifax

Equifax is one of the largest credit agencies in the world. Globally, and archive and records addresses of holders of more than 400 million credit. All this information is stored securely by Equifax and can be recovered by lenders worldwide in terms of requests for.

Equifax was founded in 1899 as Retail credit, in Atlanta. And its reach grew nationally and in Canada in 1920. Since 1960, was considered one of the credit bureaus, the nation’s largest record store of millions of citizens. Towards the end of the 60 were turbulent for the company as it came to the Government, as it has been found that was selling consumer credit information to lenders. After a drawn out litigation from the Congress of the United States, legislation was set to standarize what information can be stored on file when it came to consumers by the agencies. Subsequently, the retail credit became Equifax.

With a new moniker and new target markets, Equifax established his exploits in the 1970s. Since then, it has been a global leader in information solutions, managing one of the largest consumer information DataSet in the world. With its roots in insurance, has diversified in Business Analytics, fraud detection, information technology, Marketing Tools, and much more. Has offices in 15 countries across 3 continents.

Equifax has been credited with many technical innovations. In the 1970s, was one of the first organizations to digitize records, which was a huge undertaking at the time. For the 21st century, Equifax has established the beauties to curb identity theft, among other things. With the increasing number of online transactions and social networks, identity theft has become a real threat in this day and age. Most social networks carry a limited amount of identifying information for individuals. To reduce fraud in the digital age, Equifax offers the consumer-level fraud mitigation services that track behavioral characteristics to improve security.

Equifax also has strong roots in marketing tools, deals in customer engagement and data analysis. With the dataset, these marketing tools offer great insight into consumer and data interactions. But the main focus remains on maintaining consumer credit information and continually wins awards in the financial sector. With the company going strong in global markets and aims to diversify across multiple regions by 2015, Equifax is set to continue its growth.

Personal Finance tips on how to effectively manage

Personal finance management is not always easy. In fact, many people are having a hard time taking charge on money matters and some end up even more of what they earn, despite having a budget cost estimate. What can be done to more effectively manage your finances? The right strategies are essential in order to make things work. Consider the following tips: experts finance

Set a precise objective. What do you want to achieve within the next 3 or 6 months or a year? Setting a precise objective is important in order to create a suitable plan. For example, if you currently unpaid debts with creditors, then the debt repayment should be your top priority. On the other hand, if you have no outstanding debts to pay, perhaps you want to work on building savings account. Other lenses to consider is saving money to improve their homes, buy a house or car, start a small business, etc. The financial plan should depend on what you want to achieve.

Be prepared to give up some things. In an effort to reduce expenses, you should be prepared to give up some things you may want to, but don’t really need. Self-discipline is always necessary to create a budget plan. For example, if you used to go to the movies or partying with your friends every weekend, maybe you can consider doing it only once or twice a month to save money. Small sacrifices will go a long way and you just recognize things more important than those not so important.

Track your spending for the next 2 months. Creating a budget plan is a challenge in itself because the skills and financial situations vary from one person to another. You may have to watch their spending habits for the next month or two. Be sure to write down all your expenses, from large purchases until cents smaller. Make a list of your spending is the best way to see where the money goes. You might be surprised to find out later that many items on your list are not really important in your life, but eat a large portion of your earnings. Based on your list, you will be able to make some adjustments and changes where necessary.

Collaborate with your family members. If you live with your family, it is important to discuss the budget plan with everybody, especially with children, so that everyone can do their part to make the project a success. Talking about money matters with your family is healthy, because the children will be able to see the importance of following a budget plan and why is it important to save money.

Eliminate additional costs from bills. If you can avoid interest charges by credit card as well as the late penalty fees on all your bills, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money in one year. Pay monthly payment credit card in full and pay all your creditors on or before the expiration date, you can eliminate unnecessary expenses. This might seem like an obvious strategy, but many consumers are likely to pay late fees and interest rates that is a complete waste of money.

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Cutting down costs of operations without compromising employee privileges

The instability of the global economy and frequent market crisis had forced companies to reduce their costs. However, they had to do it in the most creative ways possible to avoid showing their struggles for its customers and competitors. Some opt to minimize production costs by choosing substandard materials, other unnecessary branches closed and some opted to let regular employees shoulder the cost savings.

As investigations have revealed, the cost cutting took shape in some companies cutting back on costs to employees. They tried to freeze salaries and also required managers to give up salary increases. The criteria for the awards were also tight and promotions. Worse still, there are some companies that have reduced the working week or the salaries of their people.

Training courses and geographical transfers were also minimized and mandatory furloughs were implemented. There are also some commercial institutions that moved to hire full-time employees part-time workers, and there are even some who went up to the taking into service only those who are willing to be in a Contracting State.

All those cost reduction strategies indicated may be effective, but only on a short-term basis. Of course, workers who are not adequately compensated won’t be inspired to give their best efforts to work and constant replacement of temporary or contract workers will not provide a concrete basis for labour for companies. That’s why instead of exploring these cost-cutting strategies, business experts recommend reducing business expenses consulting firm that can provide real systematic and efficient disbursement solutions of reduction without sacrificing workers ‘ rights.

For example, the expense reduction analysts hired may suggest a thorough assessment of value, where the company can figure out other ways on how you can make significant savings without reducing the quality of their products and services, or workers ‘ rights. All aspects, including the initial cost, cost of operation, return on investment and maintenance costs will be considered and the spending gaps can be resolved immediately. For example, the company will invest on efficient appliances and will keep on working to achieve energy savings.

Other techniques such as just-in-time can be suggested by analysts to reduce business expenses. This kind of cost-cutting strategy, materials will be purchased only at the actual production date. Through this, the company can be spared from excessive materials and to waste unused ones. Large inventories that require people, see and enjoy the time that should be spent for operations, also be minimized; Therefore, transactions and profit generation can go ahead smoothly.